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  Here are some of the reasons why we have been given this prestigious award for our website.
  • A highly trusted source for information on the chosen subject or breed.
  • Excellence in dog breeding ensuring that all dogs or puppies go to the most compatible owner possible and are spayed or neutered before leaving.
  • Excellence in rescuing abandoned or homeless dogs and putting 100% commitment into finding a quality new home for them.
  • Website takes extreme measures to prevent unwanted puppies or dogs and dog cruelty.
  • An exceptionaly fun and/or colourful site with a great vibe to inspire others to show an interest in this topic. is a leading resource on the web for many dog related issues and has over 40000 visitors per month (and growing), it is a well respected site and aims to make the canine presence on the web feel more like a community, involving smaller sites rather than letting corporate companies with big budgets take over the friendly feel of the dog community.  



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We offer a special  service:


Within Europa we transport puppies or older dogs
to their new owners if the owners
cannot do the transport themselves


According to the distances we do this
either  in our car or in our camper!