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Wie sind wir auf den Hund gekommen?


It all started, when my daughter became very sick. the doctor suggested, that a pet would help get her well sooner and faster. And she had wanted a dog. As I had always longed for an Irish Setter, and my husband not being very enthusiastic about my wish, the doctor's suggestion was like an answer to prayers. So we started to look around. It was not as easy as we had thought it would be. And when we had almost given up hope of finding a red Irish dog, there was an ad in the papers  - three boys to be had. So we got into the car and decided to take a look. Collar and lead we decided to take already. In an unobserved moment Arther tried to seak his head through the collar. Apparently he was fed up with his old home. He had enough of being one of many Red Setters, he wanted to be the one and only

"Red Crown Side By Side Arthur".



So he became our Arthur and he immediately started to train us. And we trained well. After half a year the Club asked us if we could take a bitch into our house. They were desperately looking for a home for her, as she did not get along with the other bitch in her new home. Arthur fell in love at first sight with Lily, actually

" Elinor of Ferryset".

So she ended up in our house. As I mentionend before, we trained well. Lily is a beautiful bitch, so she should have just as beautiful babies - nineteen an once, so that we would have something to do.

The smallest of the puppies was so tiny, that I had to carry her around close to my body to keep her warm. And every half hour I had to feed her a few drops of milk. Such a cute little pup you cannot let go away, so we kept Tiny. Her full name is

"Red Crown Tiny Queen of the Mist Brianna"


Last year I fullfilled myself a wish of long standing: a red and white bitch. We found her at an excellent breeder in Croatia. So Sashka is now also with us, whose real name is

"Saoisse Red Nokomis"


Since 2003 we have been breeding Irish Red Setters. Our goal is to breed healthy Irish Setters that meed the standard as much as possible. All our dogs are X-rayed for HD as well as CLAD and PRA tested. The Red and Whites will also be tested for Van Willebrands Desease.

In the future we also plan to breed Irish Red and White Setters

All our puppies grow up in our house, always in close contacts with us and our dogs. We do not approve of keeping them in kennels.

We also look after dogs that have been bred by us, when their masters are either on holiday, at the hospital or not able to look after their pets.

Here are some pictures of Lily's first litter,
that got her mentionend in all the newspapers_

19 puppies, 16 living