Sashi and the Hunting Test                                        

Shortly before Christmas my family decided I should visit my doggy mama, my sister and my nieces. In the worst kind of weather with wind, ice  and snowfall we went to see Jenny and Karmen.
The next day my doggy mama Karmen and Mama Silvia put Samba and me in the car. Archie was also allowed to come. That was promising a lot of fun. Finally we ended up at a strange building. And imagine: sister Apple was there, too! But there were extremely strangely dressed men walking around and only very few women. Everybody wore  green stuff, warm boots and some had funny noisemakers with them, my Mama calls them guns. They go Bang and sometimes something falls down,  but most of the time the guys miss, I think they just enjoy making noise.

Finally we all had to sit in the snow and everybody watched us closely. All of a sudden it went Bang and the funny clad guy had missed once more. He did the same twice over and he always missed. I don't really care, but I think he is quite dumb. We were all looking forward to something falling down from the sky.


Then we were put on the leash again and had to walk through the snow. After a while we had to climb down a ditch and suddenly my Mama said 'Voran'. When she does that I know I have to do as told and run, so I ran. She actually chased me through icy cold water, that was FUN. I had no idea if I could run or had to swim, but when Mama says go I go. I guess she must know what she is doing. My Mama Silvia also had to go through the big water, Mama Karmen and Samba were already with the green men with the guns. But all of a sudden Mama Silvia could not go any further. She was standing in the deep ditch and couldn't move forward or back and was holding her knee. As I had been waiting for her that had made a loud noise.  Almost as loud as the Bang from the Men In Green. And as my Mama could not go any further she passed my leash to a very nice young man, and he took me to my sister and my doggy mama. And you know what she did: she let us off the leash and sent us along. So we went right into the fields. That smelled nice - like an adventure park. I had already guessed that my Mama had such a great surprise for us!

So we ran on following our noses and all of a sudden I picked up a delicious bird smell. No more running along, I had to stop right there and show everybody what I had found. Pointing that is called, Mama said. Samba stopped right behind be and also showed them what lovely find we had come across. One of the Men In Green called and whistled, but we did not give a damn. We had found something and nobody but us should get it. It was MINE and nobody else's. Shouting and whistling did not help, we were guarding our treasure. The rabbits that ran by us did not interest my sister or me at all, and everybody was excited and full of praise. Finally a green man wearing a hat and carrying a notepad came along, wrote something down and then we had to move on and do more searching for treasures. The smart guy with the pad called this 'Braces'.
Then it was the turn of the next pair and we were allowed to go back to Mama and on into the car. Apparently Archie had also done quite well and we all were sitting in the car and the people went into the building. We had to wait but that was okay. We had had our fun so the people were entitled to have theirs.
Mama was limping around and everyone said she should go to the hospital but she did not want to. She wanted to go to Papa Bruce and then home. We did just that. But before we did so I got a bun and some sausage and everybody said how well I had been working. Super, that means I will be allowed in the adventure park again soon. With or without my sister, I don't care. But I want Mama to come too, then it is more fun.... my mama does have the best ideas ever.
On the British Isles different kinds of setters were bred by nobility and county squires. The dogs differed in colour but not in working style. They were originally bred as partridge and grouse dogs. They are fast, wide rangers. They use the ground with intelligence and precision, breaking their casts as they check the wind for the faintest scent of game. Should it be unfounded they resume their cast with urgency. The depth between casts should be moderately open depending on the conditions on the day.In their quest there must be an intensity that gives purpose to the hunt for game. The concentration on the job at hand should be evident in every stride and movement. The cooperation with the handler is part of that concentration and should not interfere with the quest for game. On finding game setters either take a definite set, or draw forward to the set, depending on distance from game and scenting conditions. All that applies also for bracing.
If anyone thinks that all this is a game and can be achieved without a lot of training,
I invite them to take part in some of our training sessions.