Die Geschichte der Irish Setter
  Dear Santa,                                                                                   zurück
My wish list this year is pretty simple. EVERYTHING is Setter related-should make things easier for you. If it's not too much ask I'd like the following:
1.  All the dogs had baths and were groomed yesterday for Xmas. Could you please tell them to stay clean and not eat poop, roll in poop or step or play in the poop! Guests do not appreciate the "Eau de perfume of poop smell."
2. Puppy Alana is continuing to teethe with those sharp little fangs on everything in sight. I would really appreciate it if you explained to her that biting my nose and other exposed areas while in the bathroom (use your imagination Santa) are off limits-at least for Xmas!
3. It's been cold here at night Santa, and when I get out of bed to leave you milk and cookies-please tell Arthur, Lily, Tiny, Tichy, Sashi and Archie that their housekeeper and chef needs her sleep and needs at least 2 square feet of sleeping space-and that includes a blanket.
Santa please give me the patience to train all 8 dogs to sit/stay and down /stay so that future photos aren't a three ring circus.
Santa, the menu here is really good-fresh chicken and veggies daily over holistic kibble and lots of extra treats. But two of my dogs are picky  eaters, they really like the special order 100% canned pheasant (dah they're birddogs) and the special order Venison from New Zealand which is a 2.2 pound bag for $21.50 per bag. Please explain to the others that they will not get this food on a regular basis and should stop drooling or the dog food bill will become higher than my mortgage payment!
6. Please keep all my furkids safe during the holiday season and if I'm not asking too much for all of next year.
7.  Please make sure Mimi gets a Xmas toy at the Bridge.
8.  Please help me update my way out of date doggie website.
9. If it's not too much to ask-let all our setter friends have a Merry Christmas and prosperous and healthy New Year.